SPU SBGE Executive Advisory Board


Student & Faculty Relations Team



 Under the umbrella of the Executive Advisory Board's broader purpose, our goal is to continually determine how the EAB can more effectively enhance its support of the current activities of the SBGE as they relate to direct support of students and faculty.  This scope includes providing input on current issues as well as ideas and projects that are in development.  


Roles & Responsibilities of the STUDENT & FACULTY RELATIONS TEAM

The Student & Faculty Relations Team is made up of EAB members, current SBGE faculty, current SBGE students and SPU's Center for Career and Calling.  As a team they assist in communicating with the larger EAB about the potential member roles within the SBGE.

  • Convene four times per year under the leadership of current EAB Executive Team Members
  • Maintain an active EAB member listing via LinkedIn for professors and student groups accessibility
  • Assist with professors' requests for class speakers, guest case experts, panel guests, student writing review and as presentation coaches
  • Assist with networking opportunities including business site tours, posting of company events, and as a mentor
  • Provide industry updates and current trends and advise students in career development
  • Assist with student skill development: resume review, interview skills, presentations
  • Development of activities such as:  Career Day, Workshops, Females in Business Panel, Service-Learning projects
  • Participate in the Social Venture Plan Competition as a reader, judge or coach
  • Assist with the on-going development of professionalism as part of the curriculum
  • Provide input on developing curriculum and revision of current curriculum when requested
  • Work with the newly developed affinity group members 

The Student & Faculty Relations Team and others are responsible for developing and advancing an agenda of activities that provide accessible resources to nurture relationships with students and faculty members of the School of Business, Government and Economics with the business communities of the Pacific Northwest.



EAB MEMBER:  If you are interested in assisting the SBGE faculty and its students in any of the areas listed above please contact us.

SPU FACULTY MEMBER:  For assistance and participation with any of the tasks listed above please contact us. 

STUDENT GROUP:  The EAB would like to participate with you.  Please let us know how we can be of assistance.


We are currently working with SBGE in the following areas:

  • Expanding the pool of EAB members as resources
  • Curriculum resource for students' final assessment prior to graduation
  • Assisting with students' professionalism development 


The EAB is seeking additional expertise in the following areas.  If you can assist us please contact us.

  • Environmental policy                              
  • Public policy                                           
  • NGO operations                            
  • Constitutional law                                  
  • Public Agency knowledge and experience