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Summary of Executive Advisory Board Meeting

We enjoyed a wonderful luncheon meeting on April 20, with several guest joining in.  Here are some highlights:  

  • Our topic was entrepreneurship.  CAL Director Mark Oppenlander gave an overview of SVPC and shared a brief clip from last year. Here is a link to the results of the Showcase that was held the same day as our luncheon. Thank you to EAB members for their contributions as judges, readers, and coaches!  Professor John Godek talked about new developments in the Innovation Labs and Entrepreneurship in SBGE. He also announced a new course for next year: Create a Company.
  • Students on the SafeCase team who were prize recipients in SVPC last year shared about their experience as a team of entrepreneurs, and going on to win the college division of Social Venture Partners Fastpitch.
  • CIB Executive Director Gene Kim presented an update on the multimedia project on faith in business and gave an opportunity for EAB members to contribute to a matching gift.
  • Kristi Drake presented the new website. We are very grateful to Kristi for her work building this website.
  • Jeffrey Wilcox announced that he is transitioning out of his role as Chairman of EAB Leadership Team and that Kristi Drake will be stepping in as of our October meeting.  Dean Stewart is very thankful for the excellent leadership that Jeffrey has provided over the past few years, leading the EAB into a new structure and several exciting new initiatives. 
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Executive Advisory Board Meeting

Meeting to be held in the Library Seminar Room on Floor 2 of Ames Library.

Please RSVP directly to Kathy at kstegman@spu.edu

Kathy Stegman will also be sending an email invitation.  Please feel free to reply to that email as your RSVP if you would rather.

We hope you are able join us and to attend the Social Venture Plan Committee immediately following the EAB Board Meeting.

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Executive Advisory Board Meeting




MISSION MOMENT - Kathleen Cummins

GROUP REFLECTION - How are we doing advancing our mission?

STUDENT GROUP PRESENTATION - Global Development Association

A CULTURE OF PHILANTHROPY - John Pearson, University Advancement

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - Jeffrey Wilcox 

DEAN's REPORT - Dr. Ross Stewart

OUR DEEP-DIVE DISCUSSION:  Global Development, Dr. Bradley J Burg





April 20, 2017 - Social Venture Planning Competition 

May 25, 2017 - EAB SOCIAL

October 19, 2017 - EAB BOARD MEETING