SPU SBGE Executive Advisory Board

April 12, 2018 Meeting Summary



Thank you to all who attended our April 12 meeting - especially to those EAB members who traveled from Chicago, Minneapolis and Denver.  Our participation with students, faculty and Dean Ross Stewart is a significant part in both sustaining and building SBGE's programs.

For those unable to attend we have provided some highlights to keep you up to date on the EAB.  
EAB Chair Kristi Drake welcomes any comments and questions. 


  • MISSION MOMENT - It was our pleasure to honor Gordie Nygard as an EAB member since 1987 as he is moving to emeritus.  Thank you Gordie!
  • Dean Ross Stewart Update on current activities of SBGE
    #1  FAITH AND CO just launched.  This is SPU's first MOOC (Massive Open Online Learning Course).  We invite you to go the site for information and perhaps you will want to take the course.  FAITH&CO Business on Purpose  
    #2   Because SBGE is a PRME Champions business school SPU was asked to host the United Nations Chief Information and Technology Officer, Assistant Secretary-General Atefeh Riazi. SBGE was thrilled to engage with partners Tableau and Global Washington for this event on April 26. Neil Myrick, SPU Alumni, currently at Tableau assisted with this.
     #3  Tim Hanstad, former head of Landesa and 2018 SPU Alumni of the Year, is Entrepreneur in Residence for 2018 Spring Qtr.
  • EAB Chair Kristi Drake Current EAB activities update
    #1  Welcome to new members Ed Lopit and Taylor Clark
    #2  SUMMARY OF January 18, 2018 Meeting Discussion with our 3 topics
           Topic 1  Governance
          -- Our goal is to build diversity and inclusion standards with age, gender, race, and religion.
           Within this development the EAB's goal is to match our expertise with the disciplines of SBGE.
           Topic 2  PRME Sustainable Development Goals
     -- SBGE is a PRME Champions member – only 1 of 5 schools in the United States. PRME is Principles of Responsible Management Education.
          -- As part of PRME, UN Global Compact | Sustainable Development Goals being taught in the class give language to             Corporate Social Responsibility and ethics.  Firms in Seattle are beginning to adapt these components.  These SDGs can build some strong bonds between SPU and Seattle. We are always looking for the sweet spot. 
          Topic 3  SBGE 'Think Tank' 
          -- Dean Ross Stewart is seeking SBGE’s significant place between business, government and civil society infused with a faith perspective with focus on our Seattle location.  Options offered for discussion:  Artificial intelligence and Sustainable development
          -- Overall agreement: We have a unique place in Seattle – ethics and human flourishing taught as a basic principle.  A new initiative developed from this ‘Think Tank’ can inspire -  creating interest for SPU and can increase our engagement with the Seattle business community.  It does require funding. 

         We are actively seeking new members with respect to Diversity goals & with the following expertise:
           - Public Policy/Administration         - Economic Development
           - Logistics                                         - HR
           - Cyber security                               - Data Analytics

         #4  EAB TIMELINE - proposed
               YEAR 2017-2018
             - Determine our recruitment ideals
             - Establish better acquaintance and relationship with SBGE
             - Determining and propelling SGBE initiatives
             - HR forums to increase knowledge of industry demands
             - Brainstorming SBGE’s strengths and place in Seattle
             - Supporting Faith & Co. – SPU’s first Online class (MOOC)    

               YEAR 2018
             - Build out EAB mix and obtain resources to support SBGE Initiatives
             - Develop community service projects for all and life long learning for the EAB members.

               YEAR 2019
             - Continue to strengthen the previous goals
             - Develop solid base of giving and support
             - Possible Annual ‘signature’ grant award as a legacy of EAB
             - Possible Annual Learning Institute for EAB members and alumni

    Our spring meeting traditionally coincides with SPU's SOCIAL VENTURE PLAN COMPETITION.
    With this in mind we invited Professor of Art + Visual Communication, Karen Gutowski-Zimmerman, and 2016 SPU Visual Communications Grad, Abbie Drake to describe this project.  For more information: "BRANDED"
Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.46.11 AM.png


Idea to identity in 12 hours of creative collaboration between
SPU art+design students and Social Venture teams.

Qualifying SVPC teams are selected by Karen and her students to engage in the exercise of brand development with the result of logos and other graphic assets to assist in marketing their concept at the SVPC.

    We asked each member present to complete a one page questionnaire to learn where our members enjoy serving.  SBGE and EAB Leadership would like to provide interesting and meaningful opportunities to our members and with this information we are able to do just that.  
    If you have not completed a survey - please complete the April 2018 EAB MEMBER QUESTIONNAIRE and return to Kristi Drake.

    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR EXPERTISE, INVOLVEMENT, and ENCOURAGEMENT TO SBGE.  Our participation with students, faculty and Dean Ross Stewart is a significant part in both sustaining and building SBGE's programs.