SPU SBGE Executive Advisory Board

January 17, 2019 Meeting Summary



Thank you to each of you who were able to attend the January 2019 EAB meeting.  Your thoughtful comments and questions are already playing a role in the building-out of the Initiatives.  Thank you to Kim Sawers, Gary Karns, Gene Kim and Ross Stewart for the information you each provided to develop the Initiatives to SBGE’s current needs and goals going forward. 

As promised, here is the EAB Initiatives introduction for those who were unable to attend and as a reference for all. Please take a look at the attached pdf for the details. These initiatives give us the opportunity to work hand in hand with SBGE in a community-based effort.


The new EAB Initiatives (click here for Initiatives intro) are in their concept form right now. Our goal is to develop these Initiatives by creating working groups that may include each of you, our Leadership team, faculty and students of SBGE and in some cases, the greater university as a whole.  We are seeking an impact that upholds the vision of SBGE in both inspiring and practical ways.

Please know that these new Initiatives are not a substitute or replacement for the current activities that contribute to quality learning – these efforts are ongoing and intrinsically valuable to SBGE.  Our time in the classroom, working with Mark in the Center for Applied Learning and mentoring students are all part of our role.  These new Initiatives simply continue to create a “community-engaged” culture with SBGE.

We would like each EAB member to participate in these initiatives in some way for 2019.  Ross has requested at least 5 EAB members for each Initiatives.  The only exception is the Accreditation Initiative because the EAB participants are already on board.  Included in each Initiative is a description of the EAB member’s skills & experiences that will be beneficial to the Initiatives’ successes. This should help as you consider your participation.  These are included on the last page of the attached pdf.

It has been just over 5 years since we set about transforming our EAB into a more interactive board to assist Dean Ross Stewart and the success of SBGE and its mission.  As we have increased our number in all aspects of diversity we have also seen a vivid desire by our membership to participate and help on an active basis. These Initiatives gather key people who are active in the space of the public and private sector, development, civil agencies, plus our own SBGE’s academic scholars, students and administration.

These initiatives are robust and ambitious. Each has as a major component the example that SBGE is more than a ‘business school’ but a school whose model is inclusive of business forms, government, civic ideals and most importantly the character of a servant.  These students, the new leaders, are developed as a result of academic rigor, continued development of moral and ethical character and allowed to develop relationships with those in the surrounding communities that we, as an EAB, represent.  These initiatives give us some guidance to direct our efforts to be most effective.  

Going forward we will set up a short series of online and/or face to face meetings. Each meeting will address only 1 initiative.
  Please attend as many of these as you would like prior to determining how you would like to participate.  These meetings will provide a deeper explanation and serve as a launch to action on the Initiative.  Under the direction of an Executive Advisory Team member, it is then up to the working group of each Initiative to set up timelines and the components needed to bring success.  

By March 15, 2019 we would like to have the Initiatives’ working teams set up and guidelines outlined.  

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration in how you wish to participate.  We look forward to these next few weeks as the Initiatives’ working teams are created.  Please feel free to contact any member of the Executive Leadership Team or Kristi  with any questions you may have. 


SBGE NEWS - Dean Ross Stewart
SBGE has increased its offering of several courses - specifically Data Analytics.
SBGE has hired 3 new professors in Marketing,International Business and Finance.
AACSB Accreditation will take place November 3-5, 2019

MISSION MOMENT - Andrew Ivaldi
Andrew is a senior accounting major serving as Co-President of Investment Club and also President of Beta Alpha Psi. He expressed his appreciation for the emphasis in SBGE to be a servant leader with good moral character. The knowledge he has learned from professors, based on biblical teaching, will be a part of his life always.

BUS 4942
A few of our members are now participating in a classroom panel along with several scheduled times to meet students one on one. This new format has been enjoyed by all. Thank you Kim Sawers and to all who are active in the class.

As you know we are continuing our buildout of the board in its diversity. Our goal is to match the diversity of the SPU students and also the broad range of study offered by SBGE. We welcomed new members this month in Public Policy, Global Development and HR. We are continuing to see new members in the areas of:
Public Policy/Administration
Economic Development
Cyber security
Data Analytics                             

THANK YOU again to each of you and the many ways you encourage, participate and support SBGE.