SPU SBGE Executive Advisory Board




Our luncheon meeting on January 18 was a nearly ideal advisory meeting.  Much of our time was given to topics with direct impact on the EAB and SBGE's initiatives. Active discussions between board members, students and faculty was beneficial for all.

•    SBGE STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS were well represented.  Members from BEGIN, Beta Alpha Psi and the Global Development Association attended.  They participated in much of the discussions with excellent articulation and professionalism. 

•    As our MISSION MOMENT, Scott Molvar told he and his family's story of faith since his graduation in 1999 from SBGE.  He is a witness of God's faithfulness as he and his family prepare to live in Croatia.  For more information: josiahventure.com

•    Dean Ross Stewart shared some of the HAPPENINGS OF SBGE:  
#1 Faith in Business, SPU's first MOOC (Massive Open Online Learning Course), is set to release in early April.
#2 The first steps for Re-Accreditation with the AACSB have been reviewed and accepted. AACSB, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business represent the highest stand of achievement for business schools worldwide.  SBGE is just one of a few from the west coast.  The EAB's role in this is significant with our service as advisors and mentors. 

•    Kristi Drake, EAB Chair, provided HIGHLIGHTS OF EAB CURRENT ACTIVITIES:
     -- An ongoing discussion of the EAB's Executive Leadership Team is the diversity and inclusion standards of the Board.  We wish to build out the board to reflect more accurately the disciplines of SBGE along with a diversity of gender, race and religious affiliation.  Currently we have received recommendations for 6 potential members whose expertise will benefit SBGE.  More updates soon.
     -- As a Board, our members have expressed their desires to work directly with students.  BUS 4942 Business Internship Reflection & Professional Assessment serves as a capstone class for Seniors in Business Administration.  The EAB's role is significant - offering feedback on class presentations along with one-on-one professional development discussion.  If you would like to participate please contact Kristi Drake.  She will be sending requests for Spring quarter participation soon.

•    In an Open Space concept the majority of the meeting was spent discussing 3 topics.  Members chose from the following:

TOPIC 1:  EAB Governance - a discussion of diversity and inclusion, bi-laws, term limits, sustainability, etc.
TOPIC 2:  How does SBGE contribute to human flourishing?  As a PRME member what do Sustainable Development Goals look like in Seattle Companies?  What do they look like in SBGE?  This topic was lead by Dr. Brad Murg.
TOPIC 3:  Developing a SBGE Academic Think Tank to address next steps in SBGE Initiatives. Is it artificial intelligence and the future of work or sustainable development?  Or something else?   SBGE is located in the heart of Seattle and seeks to find that significant place between business, government and civil society infused with a faith perspective.

These discussions are ongoing and we welcome your input at any time.  Please feel free to contact Kristi Drake or Ross Stewart.
OUR NEXT EAB MEETING IS SET FOR APRIL 12, 2018.  We hope you can join us!


October 19, 2017 EAB Meeting Summary and Highlights

We enjoyed our luncheon meeting on October 19.  We were honored to welcome Dr. Sandy Mayo, SPU’s first VP for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 
Here are some highlights:
•    Our topic was SBGE’s Strategic Plan 2017-2019.  Dean Ross Stewart shared the intent of the Plan along with the major components.  He asked the EAB, as Stakeholders, to begin an ongoing dialogue.  We look forward to that.

•    We had several students join us to share about their experiences that were possible only with contributions from the EAB. 

•    Dr. Kenman Wong, Professor of Business Ethics and currently working on the project FAITH&BUSINESS presented one of the short story films to be included in the project. This is a film and open online course project that has been created as an expression of SBGE Christian identity and thought leadership to business people, students and ministers.
•    Thom Kroon and Ross Stewart honored the excellent leadership of Jeffrey Wilcox as EAB Chair.  He was speechless with the tributes.  As he turns over this leadership role to Kristi Drake, Jeffrey will be continuing with the Executive Leadership Team.

APRIL 20, 2017 EAB Meeting Summary and Highlights

We enjoyed a wonderful luncheon meeting on April 20, with several guest joining in.  Here are some highlights: 

  • Our topic was entrepreneurship.  CAL Director Mark Oppenlander gave an overview of SVPC and shared a brief clip from last year. Here is a link to the results of the Showcase that was held the same day as our luncheon. Thank you to EAB members for their contributions as judges, readers, and coaches!  Professor John Godek talked about new developments in the Innovation Labs and Entrepreneurship in SBGE. He also announced a new course for next year: Create a Company.
  • Lori Brown, Center for Career & Calling and Bryan Jones, Alumni and Parent Relations Director, presented switchboard, a new online community.
  • Students on the SafeCase team who were prize recipients in SVPC last year shared about their experience as a team of entrepreneurs, and going on to win the college division of Social Venture Partners Fastpitch.
  • CIB Executive Director Gene Kim presented an update on the multimedia project on faith in business and gave an opportunity for EAB members to contribute to a matching gift.
  • Kristi Drake presented the new website. We are very grateful to Kristi for her work building this website.
  • Jeffrey Wilcox announced that he is transitioning out of his role as Chairman of EAB Leadership Team and that Kristi Drake will be stepping in as of our October meeting.  Dean Stewart is very thankful for the excellent leadership that Jeffrey has provided over the past few years, leading the EAB into a new structure and several exciting new initiatives.