SPU SBGE Executive Advisory Board

October 19, 2017 Meeting Summary



October 19, 2017 EAB Meeting Summary and Highlights

We enjoyed our luncheon meeting on October 19.  We were honored to welcome Dr. Sandy Mayo, SPU’s first VP for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 
Here are some highlights:
•    Our topic was SBGE’s Strategic Plan 2017-2019.  Dean Ross Stewart shared the intent of the Plan along with the major components.  He asked the EAB, as Stakeholders, to begin an ongoing dialogue.  We look forward to that.

•    We had several students join us to share about their experiences that were possible only with contributions from the EAB. 

•    Dr. Kenman Wong, Professor of Business Ethics and currently working on the project FAITH&BUSINESS presented one of the short story films to be included in the project. This is a film and open online course project that has been created as an expression of SBGE Christian identity and thought leadership to business people, students and ministers.
•    Thom Kroon and Ross Stewart honored the excellent leadership of Jeffrey Wilcox as EAB Chair.  He was speechless with the tributes.  As he turns over this leadership role to Kristi Drake, Jeffrey will be continuing with the Executive Leadership Team.